Do you need well researched content for SEO?

Look no further… 

I’m Stacey Mitchell and I’m a freelance writer who knows the importance of good content to help bring organic traffic to your website and to keep your readers there when they’ve arrived! 

If you want the sort of content that will prove you’re an expert in your field (and you should, as it’s what Google wants too) and will help potential customers come to trust and ultimately buy from you, read on.

What I do as an SEO content writer

There’s very little point having a website if there’s no content on it, or if what’s there is out of date. Google is looking for websites that are updated consistently, whether that’s by updating existing articles or creating new ones relevant to the niche or industry. 

That’s where I come in. I have 11 years’ experience of writing for the web and all of that time I’ve had SEO in mind.

What the heck is SEO, anyway? 

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, and in a nutshell it means improving your website and content so it shows as high as possible up the list of search results that are relevant for your niche.

There are a lot of different factors involved in SEO, but how your website content is written and formatted is a big part of it. That’s something I can definitely help you with. 

How does it work?

My main offerings are outlined below, along with an indicative cost so you have some idea of your investment up front. After we’ve discussed your specific needs, I’ll give you an accurate quote for your project.

When talking word counts, I’d rather give a range than a specific number as it really depends what there is to say about a given topic. Rest assured every word will count – you’ll get no filler from me.

Blog post bundles

I’ve already mentioned that Google’s algorithm favours websites that are kept updated. While publishing a handful of blog posts is great, you need to keep the momentum going. 

That’s why I offer bundles of blog posts.

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You can come to me with the topics you’d like me to write about, or I can research them for you based on what people are searching for.

I’ll deliver the number of blog posts we agree, optimised for search and ready to upload to your website. 

Writing in a bundle is also more cost-effective than writing a single post, as I can do a deep dive into your general topic in one go.

  • Word count: 1000-1,500 per post
  • Approximate cost: £1,250-£1,875 for five blog posts, but I’m happy to discuss bundles of other sizes too
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SEO long-form articles

Sometimes you want to really dive into a topic in depth, to create one of those ‘ultimate guides’ that are so useful to anyone wanting to learn about a new topic and will really boost your organic traffic. 

You’ll know when you’re researching something yourself that if you find a reliable, trustworthy information source, you’ll want them to tell you everything you need to know. That’s what Google wants, too. 

Long-form content keeps your readers on your site and stops them bouncing straight back to the search results and visiting a competitor who’s covering the topic better. And the longer a reader stays on your site, the better it looks to Google’s algorithms.

When I know the topic you’d like to cover I can get to work on the research, looking at the questions people ask around this topic and the exact search terms they’re using. And where relevant, I’ll include quotes from experts and case studies too.

  • Word count: 2,000-5,000 per article
  • Approximate cost: £500-£1,250 per article

Editing and proofreading

Have people pointed out typos on your blog or website? Or maybe you’ve written something that feels clunky and could do with a little polishing?

I can help with either a light edit to tighten up your writing without changing any of the meaning, or simply proofreading to check for spelling mistakes, missing punctuation and grammar errors.

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Who am I?

Hi, I’m Stacey! I’m an SEO content writer with 11 years’ experience of writing content that works both for search engines and real people.

I live in Cardiff with my partner and dog, and I love the outdoors, reading and good food.

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