This portfolio shows some of my published articles and blog posts. I enjoy writing on a variety of topics and I’m open to discussing projects in other industries. 

My other sites hold more examples of my writing:

  • Birch & Button – all about embracing your creativity 
  • Art By Stacey Mitchell – my artist website, so my blog here talks more about personal stuff such as inspiration and artistic process 

Selected portfolio

portfolio article on electric transport

The rise of e-transport for Admiral 

A long-form piece looking at recent developments in the field of electric transport.

portfolio article on upcycling

Upcycling: what it is and how to get started for Admiral 

A blog post covering what upcycling is, how to get started and some easy, intermediate and advanced projects to try.

portfolio article on travel vaccinations

Travel vaccinations for Admiral 

A long-form guide covering what there is to know about travel vaccinations.

portfolio article on green travel trends

Travel trends for 2020 for Admiral 

A blog post based on the top travel trends Pinterest predicted would be big during 2020.

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