Blog Post Bundles

Five ready-to-publish blog posts to help you post consistently to your website, get more organic traffic, build trust with prospective customers and show you’re an expert in your field. 

How could blogging help your business?

You want:

✅ More organic traffic to your website

✅ To build trust and authority in your niche and among prospective customers and show you really know what you’re talking about

✅ To keep readers on your site longer when they’ve arrived so they can get to know you/your business/your niche better

And one thing that can help with all of the above is consistently publishing or updating content on your business’ blog. 

As you’re here, the chances are you’ve realised this already, but the more you look into what’s involved, the more you realise how time consuming it is to do well. 

Too much?

And when you’re running a business alone or with a very small team, it can be hard to make enough time to do this. 

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing properly. 

With blogging, that means: 

  • Researching the topic and associated keywords and search terms
  • Finding facts and figures to back up what you want to say
  • Outlining the article and its headings

…and all that comes before you’ve even started writing the blog post. 

That’s if you even feel confident writing articles of 1,000+ words!

At this point, you might be wondering… 

🤔 But do I really need a blog on my site? (Yes) 

🤔 Isn’t blogging dead? (No. Blogging for the sake of it and to fill space is dead. Done properly, blogging is absolutely worth doing)

You can’t do it all

Cue feelings of frustration and overwhelm as you realise writing and updating your business’ blog just isn’t in your skillset. 

As a small business owner you can fall into the trap of feeling you should be able to do it all – and feeling like a failure if you can’t. While businesses do often start in this way, it’s not sustainable long-term. 

Taking the time to learn how to write well-optimised articles will take too long, and you’ll waste valuable time you could be spending more wisely on other tasks to grow your business. 

(Can you tell I love Schitts Creek?)

Let me help you

You should spend your time doing something in your business that only you can do, safe in the knowledge that your blog content is working hard for your business in the background. 

You’re freeing up your time by not worrying about blog content. How you could be spending that time more effectively? 

I have years of experience of writing content for SEO without losing sight of what real people are interested in reading.

I’ve also worked both in-house and freelance so I understand what it’s like to trust someone to write content for your brand, but also to be that person doing the writing.

Stacey Mitchell headshot

If you want the sort of content that will prove you’re an expert in your field (and you should, as it’s what Google wants too) and will help potential customers come to trust and ultimately buy from you, look no further. 

And besides the increase in trust, authority and organic traffic, you’ll also have a bank of content to repurpose in as many different ways as you like – for social media, emails, video, podcast episodes…

You’ll feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders when you see the benefit of trusting someone with your blog content and having it work out well. And best of all, you can spend your time on other tasks to grow your business.

Still not quite sure?

🤳 Blogging can help your website get up to 55% more visitors1

🧑‍💻 80% of marketers used blogs in their content strategy in 20202

👋 Blogging was the joint top method of building brand awareness in 2020, alongside social media2

⌚ On average, it takes just over 4 hours to write one blog post3

📏 The average blog post length keeps increasing and was 1,416 words in 20213

Blog Post Bundle – what you’ll get

  1. Five blog posts of 1,000-1,500 words each (Note: the standard bundle is five, but you can have more or fewer posts depending on your requirements)
  2. My help with topic research if you need it
  3. Keyword research to find the search terms people are using to research this topic, which helps bring organic traffic to your site
  4. Keyword-rich title and subheadings to help with search and readability
  5. Two to three images, if they’re required 
  6. Articles that are ready to publish. That means they’re fully edited and formatted, making it quick and easy for you and removing any guesswork around how they should be formatted when you publish

The final cost depends on exactly how many posts you’re looking for and how much research is involved, but the approximate cost is £1,250-£1,875 for five blog posts

Last one, promise

What happens next?

  1. Click the button above to fill out the contact form (I’ll only use your email to contact you about this project)
  2. I’ll send you an email including:
    1. The link to my content questionnaire for you to fill in
    2. A link to Calendly which allows you to book a call with me. Do this if you’d prefer to work through the content questionnaire together or you want to chat to me about your project 
  3. I’ll write up a proposal including the cost for your project and my current availability and email this over along with a quick pre-recorded video explanation
  4. You get in touch if you have any questions. Otherwise, give me the go-ahead and I’ll send you the contract for the work through Signable along with an invoice for the 50% down payment
  5. Once the contract is signed and the down payment paid, I can get started!


You pay a 50% down payment up front to secure my time for your project, then the remaining 50% when your blog post bundle has been delivered.

I can help you with topic research if you’re really stuck. You can also take a look at my article 8 ways to generate blog post ideas to help you get started.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It involves improving your website and content to make it as user friendly and relevant as possible so it shows as high as possible up the list of search results for your niche.

There are a lot of different factors involved in SEO, but how your website content is written and formatted is a big part of it – and that’s where I come in!

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